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Our Writer of the Month: Mahmoudat Sanni– Oba!

by in Identity on 24th May, 2018

Our Writer of the month is Mahmoudat Sanni Oba!

Every once in a while, it is incredibly important to us to show appreciation to some of our most creative, consistent, and talented writers. Mahmoudat is a 2nd Year Accounting and Finance student at LSE, who is passionate about writing. She particularly loves to write about Islam,  mental health, and her experiences as a Black Muslim Woman. She is also the creator of Phew! We call that productivity!

To honour our writer this month, here are some of our favourite pieces from Mahmoudat for you to have a little flick through!

1. Getting to know Allah

Three ways learning Allah’s names can transform your life!

Do You Know Allah? Love Develops the More Time You Spend With Someone

Three must-have Apps this Ramadan

Is Allah a priority in your life?

2. Social media age

Black women at work, in the age of social media

Social media footprints last for eternity, are you watching your footprints?

Be like Instagram, the need for self-improvement

3. Being a mother

The Single Mothers That Made Men – The Role of Women in the Lives of Four Imams

4. Ramadan

What are the benefits of using a miswak?

Writing a Dua List May Help Revive Your Salah

The cure for loneliness in Ramadan is community

Revel, Reflect & Enjoy!

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