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Do You Know Allah? Love Develops the More Time You Spend With Someone

by in Soul on 1st January, 2018

Do you know Allah?

Think about it, how do you develop a meaningful relationship with someone that you don’t know?

Love develops the more time you spend with someone and get to know them.

Think about why Allah mentions several of his attributes in the Qur’an.

Why does he ask you to spend time with the Qur’an? To reflect on his book?

Sometimes we can feel distant to Allah because we are not conscious of the manifestation of his attributes in our life. Every day that you wake up and you breathe without difficulty, you do that through the power of Allah because He is Al-Muhyi, The Giver of Life and Ar-Razzaq, the Sustainer. Think about the times that you fall ill and you are forced to reflect on how perfectly your body functions, or when you are mesmerised by the miracle of a new-born baby, it reminds you that Allah is Al-Khaliq, The Creator.


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When you’re backed up in a corner and you find yourself desperately calling on Allah like no other, and a door opens, it is because Allah is Al-Mujib, The Responder to Prayer and Al-Fattah, The Opener.




Reflect on Allah’s attributes and the stories that he has related to you in the Qur’an. He is Al-Wali, The Near Friend. The one who delivered Musa from Firawn by splitting the sea. Think about this scene the next time you’re in an impossible situation and believe there’s no way out. Amid difficulties, trials and tribulations, remember that your Allah granted Yusuf AS the best of endings and honoured Zakariya and Maryam AS through miracles. Reflect on the power of Allah, the stories that he has told you about who he is and apply it to your life.

When was the last time you took the time to reflect?

To think about the lessons you can gain from the experiences you have been given? If you’re not reflecting, being mindful and or being observant, how can you notice the manifestation of Allah’s attributes in your life? The ones that are obvious and the ones that are subtle.

You might be thinking that you need to sit down daily in order to do this, and whilst this is beneficial, it’s not necessary. All it takes is a mindset of mindfulness during your day to day life. It’s moments like when you’re stressed about something and you find inner peace and remember that Allah is Al-Salaam. Or you find yourself turning to him on a whim, knowing that he is Al-Tawwab, The Guide to Repentance.

The more you learn about Allah, the more you develop love and awe for him. With mindfulness, you become more aware of the manifestation of his attributes in your life and your gratitude to him becomes ever expanding.

Below are a few resources if you want to learn more about the ninety-nine names of Allah.

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Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba

Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba

Mahmoudat is a 2nd Year Accounting and Finance student at LSE, who is passionate about writing. She particularly loves to write on Islam, her experiences as a Black Muslim Woman and Mental Health