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Our Writer of the Month: Eeman Abbasi!

by in Identity on 5th September, 2018

Every once in a while, it is incredibly important to us to show appreciation to some of our most creative, consistent, and talented writers.

In case you didn’t know about this fierce human rights advocate and writer, you are sorely missing out. We have witnessed this woman lead a number of important campaigns to advocate for the rights of innocent lives. She takes the tagline ‘reject the single story’ incredibly seriously, always providing nuance to political concepts, human rights violations, and unpicking the realities of contemporary culture. She is a community organiser, researcher, and co-director of More than 10k, an advocacy group working toward the integration of Syrian refugees in the US, by promoting durable solutions that ease the transition & uphold the autonomy of those resettled. If all that isn’t enough, she also has the time to be an Editor of Traversing Trad an online space that works toward creating a collection of counterculture critiques. She is what she calls the product of ‘Diaspora Blues.’

 She has to date written two kickass pieces with Amaliah, and they still carry as much relevance and weight to this day. if you catch her on Twitter she will be discussing Islam, hijab, politics, misogyny, patriarchy, western feminism, spirituality and all else in between. We at Amaliah deem her a trail blazer in thought. Celebrating our writer of the month Eeman Abassi!


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