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Yawm Al– Arafah From Mecca & Medina

by in Lifestyle on 20th August, 2018

On this beautiful day, we have been given the gift of witnessing some beautiful videos of the pilgrims already, and have also seen the strong winds that came to Mecca and lifted the cloth over the Kaa’bah. It has been emotional to think about the weight this day carries for us as Muslims and a reminder of what is to come for us on Yawm al-Qiyamah. With over 2 million Muslims travelling in to Mecca and Medina to fulfil their hajj, we are grateful for social media on days like this, that unites us in seeing Muslims from all walks of life from across the globe unite for the sake of Allah (swt) to humble themselves before Him, and seek His forgiveness. Here is a little video we made to document the momentous occasion, from last Hajj taken by @justmebreathing.

If you have missed the live feed of the khutbah for the pilgrims on Arafah this morning, facilitated by the app,”Divine Connect” then you can still catch some of the khutbahs that will occur over the next few days by downloading it from the App Store, and Google Play store. The khutbahs which are held in Arabic can be translated to almost every language.

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