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Hajj Over the Years From 1400 to 2020

by in Soul on 5th July, 2021


The Hajj as I have known it as an observer has changed due to the Pandemic which has meant restrictions such as social distancing have transformed an otherwise ‘busy and bustling’ pilgrimage experience. These words no longer come to mind as I observed other Muslims performing their Hajj in 2020, the images that we all saw were drastically different to that which we are used to. Instead ‘order and neat lines of hajjis’ have been what I have witnessed.

I decided to look over at what Hajj has looked like historically, as far back as 1400, whilst much of it is unrecognisable to us due to the many extensions and renovations that have taken place, there is a familiarity because of the seas of pilgrims we see. I managed to complete Umrah in 2018 of Ramadan with my two children and my memories are that of witnessing Muslims from every corner of the earth coming out to fulfill worship as outlined by Allah Swt and we were shoulder to shoulder even in tawaf.

Amongst the many changes in the world the Kaaba has remained in all it’s glory, the house of Allah preserved and untouched, a reminder that Allah has remained constant for us through this time and our lives. Here is a retrospective of Hajj from various years, beginning with 2020 an taking us to as early as 1400.

May we all have the opportunity to complete the pillar of Islam that is Hajj. Ameen









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Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

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