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Amaliah × Enrol Yourself: 2019 Bursary for Their Learning Accelerator, Exclusively for WOC

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 14th February, 2019

What if we told you, all those skills that will propel you into the career you have always wanted was just a button click away? What if we could provide you with a platform to build networks and connections that can take you to the next level of your business idea, or dream?

Amaliah are proud to be collaborating again this year with Enrol Yourself to offer a bursary for their learning marathon, exclusively for Women of Colour.

It is for the trailblazers, the ones who have the fire and drive to move into the next dimension of their lives. For those of you who have an idea, a career, or dream you want to execute – we have found the solution.

No mentors or teachers required, just drive and hard work …

Introducing The Learning Marathon.

So what is it?

The Learning Marathon is a 6-month peer-led learning accelerator programme that is designed to help you achieve your goals. The programme is there to give you access to skills, networks, and resources in order to tackle professional and/or personal goals – turning that side hustle into a full-time reality and setting up that community initiative you’ve always wanted to make happen.

You’ll be paired with 10-12 people from your local area on your cohort, see the learning marathon as your guide, your support system, and your network to make it happen and reach your potential.

Who is it for?

1. If you’re a woman of colour

2. You want to grow what you’re capable of and can commit 5 hours a week for 6 months

3. If there’s a facilitator initiating a local group that you want to join

4. If you feel a new set of purposeful relationships would enrich your life

5. If your goals cannot be tackled by absorbing information online – you need to learn by doing and connecting

6. If you know the demand for skills is shifting and that learning how to learn, cooperate and create is a smart move in a rapidly changing world

7. You think cooperation and collective action are the road to a positive, sustainable future so you would like to embody these principles

When we speak about access we’re often referring to the rapidly changing world of work, the increasing pressure on adults to up-skill and re-skill alongside busy working lives, and the fact that our formal education system is in no way set up to serve people across the life course — unless you’re a millionaire bachelor with no children. Yes, there is access to all the content you could ever dream of online, but the majority of online courses are books in fancy outfits. In other words, they emphasise the transmission of knowledge and ideas. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to providing people opportunities to meaningfully develop interpersonal skills, collaborative skills, creative problem skills and the ability to learn how to learn, these capabilities must be developed in action and application, and a half-finished MOOC is unlikely to take you there.

Amaliah has collaborated with Enrol Yourself to bring you an Amaliah x Enrol Yourself bursary for their learning accelerator. If your New Year’s resolutions didn’t quite go to plan, if you’re struggling to take that first step in starting a business, if you are thinking of how to change careers or maybe you can’t fork out for that master’s programme, this is for you.

The bursary is for those that identify as being from an underrepresented background, including but not limited to: BAME, LGBTQ, disabled, refugee or asylum seeker.

The programme is structured around coaching sessions, buddy check-ins, meetups and a retreat designed for reflection and self-assessment. This programme is ideal for those of you who are always thinking “am you pushing myself outside of your comfort zone?”.

Check Out Our interview With Azra Javed, Mother of 5 Who Took the Plunge and Went Back to Studying With Enrol Yourself

About Enrol Yourself

‘Enrol Yourself’ is a social enterprise who hope this bursary and those alike,  that aims to help improve the inclusivity of their programmes. ‘Enrol Yourself’ exists to open up access to lifelong learning experiences, specifically to self-led learning journeys, made possible, desirable and effective through the power of peer groups.

“We strongly believe that more diverse participation leads to a greater creative potential for each peer group, and a more transformational experience for every learner.” – Founder, Zahra Davidson

So we’ve been attempting to provide something that is more flexible and less costly than a Masters, but more compelling, transformational and effective than an online course of content — and we’ve been thrilled and humbled by every single applicant and every single participant that has come our way and embraced the idea of self-directed learning through the power of peer groups.

About the bursary & the programme

  • 6-month learning course
  • The Bursary is available for anyone earning less than an annual sum £15k
  • The rest of the course can be paid in 6 or 12 interest-free monthly instalments.
  • Early bird application deadline 9am February 15th (10% fee reduction)

  • Application deadline 9am March 1st

  • Commitment 4 full day workshops (23rd-24th March, 18th May, 20th July)

  • You can find out more about the Learning Marathon here, and for full programme dates and application form head here
  • To discuss your application, your eligibility — or anything else, please contact

To discuss anything at all, you can reach us via You can sign up for occasional Enrol Yourself updates via email here.



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