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What’s Going on in the Muslim World? Yemen Civilian Deaths Spike, and Israel Bulldozes Khan Al-Ahmar

by in World on 24th September, 2018

Civilian deaths Spike in Yemen

349 civilians have been killed in the Houthi-led Hodeidah, this has built up since June where Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the  Yemeni government had launched an offensive to “retake the strategic seaport”.  Aljazeera reports, that a total of 685 civilians have been killed across the country during that period, and 51 percent of all civilian casualties between June and August. All the while, over 1,500 Yemenis have been forced to stay at a camp in Djibouti’s Obock camp. Many who have made it to Djibouti have found they are lacking support, and are left starving.  Currently, 5 million children are threatened by famine in Yemen.

Israel leaves no time for Palestinians to leave Khan al-Ahmar

Israel has planned a demolition of the occupied West Bank in Palestine, as an order came from Israel warning Palestinians living in Bedouin village, Khan Al Ahmar in the West Bank to demolish their own homes and leave within the next 8 days.  Aljazeera reported this has come merely weeks after Israel’s Supreme Court rejected appeals against the demolition. The Israeli defense military unit issued a statement,

“Pursuant to a Supreme Court ruling, residents of Khan al-Ahmar received a notice today requiring them to demolish all the structures on the site by October 1st, 2018. If you refuse, the authorities will enforce demolition orders as per a court decision and the law.”

The BBC’s Tv Series Bodyguard deemed Islamophobic

The BBC came under scrutiny again, for an ‘Islamophobic’ episode that a reported 10.4 million viewers were watching teaching 11 million views allegedly for the last 5 minutes, where a plot twist reveals a Muslim woman previously illustrated as meek, come out as a ‘Sara Wallis, Daily Mirror “If the nation’s heart rate could have been monitored during the mind-blowing finale of BBC1’s Bodyguard, it would have been off the scale.”

Series creator Jed Mercurio has outwardly rejected the claims that he is Islamophobic, after many expressed concerns on social media during the first episode, that the makers were playing into stereotypes about a Muslim woman being, “controlled by her jihadi terrorist husband.” Only to round off with a plot twist in which she is the perpetrator.

The Telegraph reported Mercurio said, “You need to watch the whole drama for a comprehensive idea of who is plotting to do harm and who is responsible for the terror event,” Mercurio told the Radio Times “The other thing is, unfortunately, the reality of our situation is that the principal terror threats in the UK do originate from Islamist sympathisers,” he continued.

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