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What’s Going on in the Muslim World? Peace Talks to Occur for Yemen & Record Number of Bahraini Women to Join Parliament After Elections

by in World on 3rd December, 2018

1. 6 Bahraini Women Sworn into Parliament

6 women have been sworn into Parliament during Bahrain’s elections over the weekend, which double the number of female legislators present in the Council of Representatives. Al Arabiya News Channel reported that Mohammed al- Sayed a spokesperson for Citizens for Bahrain organisation said, “The 2018 elections are historic for Bahrain. We will certainly have more women in parliament, and this is a source of pride for all Bahrainis as we believe in equality and the important role played by Bahraini women in society and politics”.

The total number of seats is 40, and Sawsan Kamal, Zainab Abdul Amir, Massoma Abdul Raheem, and Kaltham Al Hayki joined Fawzia Zainal and Fatima Al Qatari, will join them after being elected in the first round since November 24th.

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2. Iraqi Families flee flood in Mosul

Mass amount of torrential rain fille the streets of Iraq this weekend, as over 85 families fled their homes due to the intense two-day downpour. An Iraqi official defense minister reported a widespread disruption of day to day life there as schools and offices shut down.

Aljazeera reported, “Six bridges and 300 tents in the Nimrud refugee camp were reportedly damaged as a result of the heavy rainfall.” Read more here.

Urgent care and work is needed for the relief of local families.

3. Peace Talks to end a 4-year war in Yemen

A Saudi UAE Coalition fighting the Houthi movement in Yemen has led to over 50 wounded  Houthi rebels to be transported to safety with a UN plane. Martin Griffiths the UN envoy, orchestrated the arrangement just before peace talks in Sweden, Stockholm. Which will be the start of the negotiation for world powers to push forward in ending the 4-year war in Yemen that has left many dead.

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