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What Is Going on in the Muslim World? Mental Health Care in South Sudan & Yemeni Children Given Hope

by in World on 26th November, 2018

1. British National released from the UAE for being a ‘spy’

The United Arab Emirates has freed a British national scholar Mathew Hedges, after initially being sentenced to life imprisonment for being an alleged ‘spy.’Hedge, A 31-year-old P.h.D student was researching his final thesis. He was released on Monday after receiving a ‘royal pardon according to Aljazeera. 700 other people joined Mathews on Monday, who had been pardoned by UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, during the country’s national holiday. Mathews wife Tweeted “best news we could’ve received”.

2. Healing trauma in South Sudan – mental Health in the Region

Years of trauma in the region of South Sudan has lead to PTSD in its’ citizens across the region. After decades of fighting, the country achieved independence in 2011. The clashes might have stopped but the turmoil lives on in the minds of generations of people. The civil war has displaced at least 4.5 million from their homes. The death toll was estimated at 50,000 civilians to as many as 383,00. Another civil war broke out in 2013, continuing till the present day. An enquiry has launched into acquiring better mental health services in the region. Over 41 % of the population  has had some form of PTSD.

With only 2 working psychiatrists available in the whole country, mental health services are severely lacking. Civilians in the area can only rely on Workshops and programs introduced by NGO’s USAID and World Vision.

3. Hope with a little colour for Yemeni Children

The crisis in Yemen has been described as one of the worst in recent history. Deemed as one the Arab World’s poorest countries, devastated from a civil war after a break down in food supply leaving families dying.

Since their schools have been destroyed due to the war, social workers have been giving hope to the children once more. An NGO arranged a visit for the children to enjoy the amusement park in the capital Sanaa, to allow them time to play, and forget their reality for a little while. According to the UN, “80 percent of Yemen’s population is in dire need of humanitarian aid. More than 300,000 children are malnourished. Health services are crumbling and many children don’t get to go to school.”

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