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When Is It Time to Seriously Consider a Divorce? A Talk by @Maysmode

by in Relationships on 10th October, 2018

Haifaa otherwise known as Maysmode to her 14.9k followers is based in Cardiff and one inspiring mama.  She is head designer and owner of her fashion brand Maysmode and a content creator at the BBC and  an activist. When not busy doing all of those things, she is a single Mama raising “2 powerhouses”. She creates Youtube videos discussing sexual abuse, anxiety, and mental health, lifestyle and all in between.

She recently discusses the intricacies surrounding divorce, the emotional turmoil, and strain when going through the process with children too. Haifaa suggests solutions such as counselling for both and asks:

“What’s the point of being together if you are not happy?”

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2017 – thank you for your lessons. 2018 – Let's do this ???????? "Without fear there would be no courage". We've been blessed with our second girl, a huge character yet she has already taught me so much. It is the year I felt I'd grown and developed the most. I found me and who I am, what I want and how I want it to achieve it. Let go of people called "friends", to get rid of unnecessary noise. Here's the thing. Allah tests us with the closest people to us in order to teach us a lesson – Don't rely on his creation for your own happiness. Be your own happiness, that way you will never be let down. Be there for others, meet people, love others even when they don't love you back be caring but be YOUR own happiness. Despite being tested by Allah in so many ways, he swt has compensated me immensely with so many blessings, ones I wouldn't appreciate had I not been tested in the beginning. So 2018 I said let's do this.???? ????????

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