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Its Friday! So It Can Only Mean One Thing…Here’s Your Weekly Dose of Muslim Twitter

by in Identity on 12th October, 2018

Welcome back to your weekly digest of this legendary franchise, in case it is your first time stumbling across us,  this is the place to come, we have collated all of the incredible one-liners Muslim Twitter manages to produce every week. There are many many to get through, so we have managed to whittle it down to our top favourites so you don’t have to. Sit back get a cup of tea, call your girlfriends round, and get ready to giggle. This week we’re talking Niqab on Halloween, Muslim men bringing vape pens to the dating table, and the power of gratification and friendship with Allah. We also have all the previous Muslim Twitter gold one-liners staggered across our Instagram page, go on have a little scroll!

Amaliah Writes

Amaliah Writes

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