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Parents May No Longer Be Allowed to Opt-out From Sex Education at School

by in World on 10th January, 2019

sex edOn my desk with the laptop on, multiple tabs spreading across the screen, phone facing up in case my manager reaches out, and as expected, the most recurring green notification appears on my phone. No, it’s not my manager. “Soos” it reads; my sister, a link attached—Petition: Give parents the right to opt their child out of Relationship and Sex Education.

Dr. Katherine Sarah Godfrey-Faussett launched this petition asking the UK government to grant parents the right to opt their children out of Relationship and Sex Education. This petition was raised following the Government’s approach to study a plan making Relationship and Sex Education compulsory in what appears that covers primary and secondary schools. The petition demonstrates that parents have the foundational right to teach their children RSE topics, or at the very least evaluate and decide who is to provide such knowledge, the most appropriate times to do so, as well as the proper environments that accommodate such topics.

Not only Muslims but also people of other faiths resolved to Twitter to voice their concerns about this matter, encouraging others to sign the petition.

My concerned sister is amongst the many, who are trying to raise this fully signed petition to the government to further consider the implications on the children’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being without the parent’s main intervention in the matter.

RSE Petition: 80,954 as of 10 January 2019
Petition ends: 18 June 2019

Dina Mubaidin

Dina Mubaidin

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