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6 Ways to Volunteer Your Time in London Over the Festive Season

by in Lifestyle on 17th December, 2019

The festive Christmas season is upon us and for many, it is filled with time off, lots of food and unlimited Netflix binges! For others, it means extra shifts, no family and a lonely time. If you have some free time over the December break you can support homeless shelters or bake some goodies for those doing extra time. If you’re a night owl many shelters are in need of overnight volunteers.

The American church on Tottenham Court Road will be opening their doors from 3pm on 23rd December to 10am on 30th December. The open christmas offers hot food, showers, a food bank, doctors, vets, foot care, entertainment, mental health and drugs signposting to those in need.


Christmas at Sufra is a special time where they offer three Christmas Dinners throughout the day to ensure that those experiencing poverty or isolation get to enjoy a lovely meal with the community.Due to there being no public transport on Christmas Day, many of their guests may be forced to spend the day alone. That’s why they are seeking the help of driving volunteers to pick up and drop off guests. So if you’re free over the Christmas holidays, why not come and give them a hand for a few hours?!

Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen


Crisis at Christmas is a unique volunteer effort that provides immediate help for homeless people at a critical time of year. By volunteering with Crisis this Christmas you can make a real difference to people experiencing homelessness. They are particularly looking for night owl volunteers to be able to support efforts in Croydon. There are also volunteer roles for doctors, musicians, cooks, good listeners, and drivers.


Happening on the 23rd December, the Basket Brigade aims to raise enough money to build & deliver 1,500 baskets of food for families in and around London to put food on the table for families in need on Christmas Day.

Find out more here

London Basket Brigade Instagram


Jacksons Lane open their doors up to host a Christmas meal for older and disabled people in the area, who would otherwise be spending Christmas Day alone. Guests arrive through the generosity of volunteer drivers and enjoy a hot Christmas meal, a drink or two, some fantastic entertainment, gifts, and a visit from Santa.

Find out more and sign up here

Drop off baked goodies for staff at hospitals and fire services who are still working around the clock. You can also join volunteers baking here.

Amaliah does not endorse any of these organisations, please do your own research before you sign up

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