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Two Sense; the Muslim Blogger Blueprint, Us Vs. Media + Embracing the Ordinary Life

by in Podcast on 1st March, 2020


Welcome back to our fortnightly Two Sense series, in which Selina, Nafisa + Sara,  hit the roundtable to put their two cents on 4 subjects they’d each like to unpack and debate as being either overrated or underrated, making sense of everything from the mundane to the taboo and giving way to often useful and layered perspectives.

This week the ladies are bringing in the overrated category:


  1. Modern Life….

You can check the link to the reality T.V show she’s talking about in her Modern Life category here: 

Money Saving?? – She wants to be clear it’s a *discussion* not an overrated, she saves money too…

Nafisa: She wants to be clear she’s not fighting anyone and she wants to be your friend.

  1. The use on Social media of the word, ‘Toxic’ and it’s use in our everyday vocabulary.

You can check out Che, who Nafisa references in her overrated this week, here.

  1. The Muslim Fashion blogger blueprint.


  1. The media is solely responsible for dragging culture.
  2. Self Love?? She’s trying to throw you – pause for this one.

This week the ladies are bringing in the underrated category:


  1. An ‘ordinary’ life is underrated.

You can check the content she’s talking about in her ‘Ordinary’ category here: 

2. Systems vs. Habits:

You can check the content she’s talking about in her ‘Systems vs. Habits‘ category here: 


  1. FUN and how it manifests is massively underrated.
  2. Preserving our previous generation.


  1. Balance – an equal ratio of doing vs. not doing is a massively underrated path.
  2. ‘Popping in’ – improvising visiting culture!

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