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WFH Podcast; Embracing the Seasons to Come…

by in Podcast on 28th August, 2020

amaliahpodcastWe’re nearing the end of August, and that annual kerfuffle of figuring out whether to risk not wearing a coat in case it drops 10 degrees or starts torrential raining, has officially begun.

But it’s also a time for crisp air and blue skies, harvesting all of that summer growing in the garden and embracing all the goodness that a change in season has to bring too (not to mention that there may still be a few sneaky summer days left in September…).

A change of season is an opportunity for mindfulness, and when you struggle to make that mental shift on a daily basis, as many of us do, Allah SWT does it for us in the change of seasons – a reminder that all things are temporary, that we must adapt and look for the gems in every season of our lives in order to continue flourishing.

In some of our previous #workingfromhomepodcast episodes, Selina, Nafisa and Sara have touched on the topic of seasons, talking about their monthly cycles but a lot of the same experiences can be paralleled with a conversation on the changing seasons in nature (they don’t call her mother Earth for no reason!). In this episode, the ladies are talking about the coming of Autumn, what’s growing in the garden and Nafisa talks about her recent revelations about bee keepers…

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