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6 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health When You’re Working From Home

by in Lifestyle on 13th October, 2020

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Working from home has its perks right? Free coffee, working from your bed, perhaps feeling more independent. But it can also present challenges for one’s mental health. With all the worry around Covid-19 (Coronavirus) there are many who no longer have a choice but to work from home – and for some, it may be the first time being away from their teams and managing the day can be daunting.

For some of us, the challenge may be being by yourself for such a long period of time because this can lead to feeling lonely. For others, the struggle may be managing children and having the whole family at home whilst trying to get in the right headspace to work. Muslim Youth Helpline decided to put together some top tips to help your mental health during this time.


Try and spend some time outside each day to get fresh air – at least 20 minutes around your home or garden and if this is difficult then make sure you open all your windows for a while and let some fresh air in.


Try and stick to a regular schedule as far as possible – have set times to wake up, work, and go to sleep. Get dressed every day and avoid the temptation to stay in your pyjamas all day.


Have technology-free time when you aren’t working as it’s easy to sit on your phone or on Netflix while you’re at home, but also take some time away from screens to read a book and chill out.

Leave your bed!

Don’t stay in bed all day! It’s tempting to work from your bed – just because you can – but have a separate work area in order to distinguish between work and relaxation times, it’s more important than ever.


Stay connected to your friends and family, check-in with how they are doing or reach out for help. Try and speak to a human at least once a day, it could be a video call so you get to see someone.


Increase your movement in the day by walking up and down the stairs or find a yoga video online to avoid sitting down all day. Movement for many of us may have decreased and it’s super important as our physical wellbeing contributes to our mental!

Muslim Youth Helpline provides faith and culturally sensitive support by phone, live chat or email. To access their 7 day a week service you can:

MYH receives no government or institutional funding and relies on the generous donations of our community to keep our service going. In times like these, we need our community now more than ever. This is why we’re launching an appeal to keep our services going and to allow us to be there for those struggling during this crisis. You can donate to our appeal here.

Muslim Youth Helpline

Muslim Youth Helpline

The Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) is an award-winning registered charity which provides pioneering faith and culturally sensitive services to Muslim youth in the UK. IG: @Muslimyouthhelpline