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Amaliah Art Class, Are You Coming? Join @Thislakshmi Online!

by in Lifestyle on 27th March, 2020

So we’ve had mindful yoga, guided journalling and this time we have a private online art class with @thisLakshmi. Think of it like we are inviting you into our virtual living room for good vibes and an art class brought to you by Lakshmi Hussain. Lakshmi will be showing us how to make your mark and how to use continuous line drawing as an outlet.

Lakshmi is elegant and ethereal but also precise and geometric, Lakshmi’s drawings and watercolours exist somewhere between the abstract and the realistic, often presenting what appear to be the free-flowing organic forms of nature through intricately ordered patterns. You might recognise Lakshmi’s work from the artwork on our Lights On podcast.

Join to either try something new or check in with your friends and continue offline in your own time! Why not surprise a friend with it and join them online too! Like always we encourage you t bring your mothers and granmothers in a time where they have social distance and we have access to digital closeness we really think it’s important we open access up to them too and you might have a right giggle or find a new hobby together!

What you need to join the class:

– Pen/pencil and paper, it is optional to also bring extra colours and pens to use.

– Access to the online platform we are using which is accessible through your laptop/tablet/phone – we would love if you can turn your video on so we can see everyone taking part in the class, however this is not mandatory! We will send you a private link before the class. We will need you to mute at times too so get familiar with it!


Hellos and check ins

Learn how to make your mark and create a pattern

Learn how to use continuous line drawings to draw

Show + Tell with the audience

Q+A with Lakshmi

By the end of the class you would have created your very own artwork! For a taster on what to expect from the class, tune into our IG story on Friday 27th March (today) where Lakshmi will be taking over on Instagram.

Maybe you want to meet new people, try some art therapy or just be in a space that centers the experiences and voices of Muslim women. You do not need to have any experience to join and all welcome to participate aka you do not have to be a Muslim woman.

Join us on the 4th April and tell a sis to tell a sis.

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

I'm a simply striving to be better and improve in different areas of my life through more self awareness, experiences and learning more about the deen. You'll find me talking about community, connection, planting & growing, seeking the truth in an age of propaganda and misinformation. This year I want to document more to do with food heritage and history so watch this space or reach out. Have a listen to the Amaliah Voices podcast where I talk passionately about Islam, nature, motherhooding and back home. Link in bio peeps. To join the Amaliah Writer Community email me at IG: SelinaBakkar