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A List of UK Mosques Open for Eid Salah for Muslim Women

by in Lifestyle on 10th May, 2021

This list has been compiled by My Mosque Story and Muslimah App.

This list was last updated at 11:50 on 12th May 2021.

Eid is almost upon us so My Mosque Story and Muslimah App have worked together to compile a list of mosques across the UK which are open for Muslim women to take part in congregational Eid prayers.

Umm ‘Atiyyah reported: “We were ordered to come out on the day of Eid, even the young girls and menstruating women from their houses. We would stand behind the men and declare the greatness of Allah along with them, and supplicate to Allah along with them, hoping for the blessings of that day and its purification from sin.” Sahih al-Bukhari 971, Sahih Muslim 890

Thank you to all those who have helped us source this information. We would encourage you to visit the website of the mosque and download the Muslimah app for more details about opening times as some Mosques are only open for women for particular jamaats. Please be aware that mosques may also have booking systems in place to manage social distancing. 

If we’re missing a mosque, reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter  so we can help more women to take part in Eid prayers.

May Allah accept our worship this Ramadan, allow us to draw nearer to Him and make us of the just. 


  • Harrow Central Mosque
  • Regents Park Mosque
  • Al Muntada Mosque
  • Kingston Muslim Association
  • Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre
  • Muslim Cultural Welfare Association Sutton
  • East London Mosque
  • Quba Masjid, West London
  • Darul Ummah, East London
  • Lewisham Islamic Centre
  • Greenwich Islamic Centre
  • Palmers Green Mosque
  • Cricklewood Mosque
  • Cann Hall Masjid
  • UKIM Masjid Ibrahim, Plaistow
  • Hyderi Islamic Centre
  • Al-Manaar, West London
  • Croydon Mosque
  • Brixton Mosque
  • Masjid Yousaf, Forest Gate
  • Green St Mosque
  • Balham Mosque
  • Tooting Islamic Centre
  • Darul Jannah, Stratford
  • Darul Arqam, Canning Town
  • Muslim Association of Nigeria, Old Kent Road 
  • Finsbury Park Mosque
  • Masjid Ramadan, Hackney
  • Lea Bridge Road Mosque
  • Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre
  • Havering Islamic Centre
  • Holloway Mosque
  • Al Madina Mosque Barking
  • Al Nehar Mosque & Education Centre
  • Ilford Islamic Centre
  • Al Risaalah Mosque (Islington Islamic Centre)
  • Islamic Association of North London
  • Sulemaniye Mosque, Hackney

South East England:

  • Masjid al-Jannah, Slough
  • Shah Jahan Mosque, Woking
  • Windsor Muslim Association
  • Al-Tawheed Islamic Education Centre, Maidenhead
  • Al Medinah Mosque, Brighton
  • Kent Muslim Welfare Association
  • Slough Islamic Trust
  • WISE, High Wycombe
  • Eastbourne Mosque
  • Maidenhead Mosque

East of England:

  • Cambridge Central Mosque
  • Luton Islamic Centre
  • Southend Mosque
  • Stevenage Masjid Community Centre
  • St Albans Islamic Centre
  • UKIM Masjid Khadijah, Peterborough
  • Faizan e Madinah Mosque, Peterborough
  • Watford Central Mosque
  • North Watford Mosque

South West England:

  • Exeter Islamic Centre
  • Shah Jalal Jame Mosque, Bristol
  • Tawfiq Masjid & Centre, Bristol
  • Bristol Baitul Mukarram Islamic Centre
  • Bristol Jamia Mosque
  • Hazrat Bilal Centre, Bristol
  • Jalalabad Cultural Centre, Bristol
  • Tawiq Masjid & Centre, Bristol
  • Greenbank Masjid, Bristol


  • Masjid Al-Falaah, Birmingham
  • Aisha Mosque, Walsall
  • Green Lane Mosque, Birmingham
  • Birmingham Central Mosque
  • Al Hijrah, Birmingham
  • Muslim Student House, Birmingham
  • Craven Arms Islamic Centre, Shropshire
  • Masjid AlFurqan, Leicester
  • Taybah Educational Institute, Leicester
  • Al-Rahma Mosque, Wolverhampton

Yorkshire & The Humber:

  • Islam Bradford Mosque
  • Masjid Doha
  • Al Mustafa Centre, Bradford
  • York Mosque & Islamic Centre

North East:

  • Whitley Bay Islamic Cultural Centre & Masjid
  • Newcastle Central Mosque

North West:

  • Ghamkol Sharif Mosque, Manchester
  • British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester
  • Makki Masjid, Manchester
  • Abdullah Quilliam, Liverpool
  • Manchester Central Mosque
  • Didsbury Mosque
  • Al Rahma Mosque, Liverpool
  • Khizra Mosque, Manchester


  • Madina Mosque, Cardiff
  • Dar Ul Isra, Cardiff
  • Al Manar Mosque, Cardiff


  • Dunfermaline Mosque
  • Glasgow Central Mosque
  • Al Furqaan Mosque Glasgow
  • Masjid-E-Khizra Glasgow
  • MAB centre, Glasgow
  • MENA centre, Glasgow

Northern Ireland:

  • Belfast Islamic Centre

The above is by no means an exhaustive list and if we’re missing a mosque, reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter @mymosquestory so we can help more women to take part in Eid prayers.

Muslimah is the first Islamic app for Muslim women helping to integrate the many aspects of faith with day to day life. 

Visit the website or connect with the app via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

My Mosque Story is on a mission to help Muslim women who love God & seek a deeper connection with Him find the right space.

Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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