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9 Ways to Look After Yourself

by in Soul on 23rd February, 2018

A womens love in it’s fullest form is strong and beautiful, it see’s beyond imperfections, it is forgiving. As women we live with a spark that we use to ignite others we tend to pour out our love to those around us. We recognise that love should not be a feeling, it is action. That is why we give love in all its differing shapes and shades, we give because it is in us and by nature  we have to let it out in order to breathe.

But here is a question that we need to honestly ask of ourselves, do we give that depth of love to ourselves? Self-love may seem unnatural, it may feel egotistical and uncomfortable but believe me, you deserve to be loved and most of all, you deserve to be loved by yourself. The most inspiring thing about self-love is this; when you begin to love yourself the people around you will love you back with a depth that you did not know is possible. Why? Because you show that you are worthy, your inner happiness and contentment radiates and it draws people in.

Here are 9 daily rituals that can help you to develop a stronger sense of self-love.

EAT WELL: It’s an obvious one but we often overlook it. We fuel our emotions with food instead of healing ourselves from the inside out. Don’t feel that you need to make dramatic changes that you can’t sustain, take it one step at a time. Increase your water intake, fruits and vegetables and cut down on the nasties bit by bit.

SHOWER DAILY: It sounds so simple but taking a shower first thing in the morning really awakens the senses, invigorates your body and quite literally wakes you up, it shows that you care enough to give yourself a refreshing start. For those who prefer evening showers, this is equally therapeutic and cleansing after a long day. If you have a little extra time, why not try a bath to wind down in the evening.

INVEST IN YOUR SKIN: Whilst I firmly believe that beauty comes from the inside out and what you put into yourself seriously contributes to how you appear externally, I also believe in a good skin care regime with quality products. If you look after your skin, you feel radiant and glowing, you walk with confidence. I really notice a huge difference when I invest in quality organic/natural products that nourish my face and body.

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LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY: Now I’m not going to tell you to exercise daily (although we should aim to do even just 20 mins of movement per day) But look after your physical self, if something hurts, see a professional, make time for regular check-ups, spend money seeing someone about that back pain, instead of buying a new outfit. Don’t overwhelm yourself with unrealistic fitness goals, simply aim to move more, in whatever way it can fit consistently into your life.

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SPEND TIME AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE: We live in a world where it has become normal to share every little detail of what we are doing, to be connected 24/7 and to look at life through a screen, harshly comparing our lives to the “highlights” posted by others. We spend so much time following, tweeting, posting and snapping, that we forget to live the moment we are in. We don’t give our full attention to the people that deserve it the most. So have periods of time throughout the day where your phone is not within arms reach. You will love yourself so much more for it.

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FORGIVE YOURSELF: Know that we all make mistakes, we are imperfect beings and it’s through these imperfections that we strive to be better. Be kind and gentle with yourself when you get things wrong and know that each and every experience will teach you something that will shape your character. It’s ok. So be ok with it.

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Self-Love as a Form of Worship

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MEDITATE/REFLECT: Take time out of your day, even if its only ten minutes. Use it to be still, to be grateful, to be present in the moment. Reflect on your day, your achievements, the things that challenged you but didn’t stop you. Remind yourself of the goodness within you and how you shared that with the world today.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Always be sure to follow your positive passions and if you don’t have any, then you need to find some. You can’t center your life around everything and everyone else, you have to have things that are just for you, things that inspire you, things that motivate you, things that ignite a spark within you. Learn new skills, read great books, go to lectures, study, grow and just keep developing yourself.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: Work on your deen, strengthen your relationship with Allah, surround yourself with people who inspire you to be better, who will push you to be better.  Trust that Allah wants the best for you and if you fix your relationship with Him, He will fix everything else for you in its given time. Strive to pray on time and make dua, make dua like you are talking to your best friend, make dua for all the obstacles and all the people that prevent you from fully loving yourself, make dua that through loving yourself more, you can be a beacon of light to those around you.

What is it that helps you to give yourself the love that you so deserve? Comment below, or tag us on social media with #amaliahinspires on inspiring quotes, posts or pictures too.

Sarah Yataghane

Sarah Yataghane

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