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This Artist Made Incredible Ramadan Doodles for Those That Can’t Fast

by in Ramadan on 28th May, 2017


We recently came across a pretty cool blog of thoughts through doodles. It’s talking about Mental health and more! The founder Mary is a Neuro  PHD Student (self-confessed nerd) based in London, a mental health advocate and a downtime doodler (I’m also a little bit of a cat enthusiast, coffee lover and introvert).

You can follow her on Twitter @Mindof_Mary  or check out the blog where you can see more of her artwork

It’s a stark reminder that we are all going through Ramadan with different struggles and that we should be mindful that not everyone can fast. 

You can find the whole Ramadan sketch below and Twitter went crazy over it!

NOT FASTING? We want to hear your story so that it can inspire and educate others about what Ramadan is like for others.

Contact me at

The story starts like this…

We understand that…




Which means…


The End…

A great reminder by @Mindof_Mary for any Muslims who can't fast this Ramadan due to a number of conditions such as depression & OCD ????

— Amaliah (@Amaliah_Tweets) May 27, 2017

@Amaliah_Tweets @Mindof_Mary this is so cute? i had to break my fast at 3 pm to take my antidepressants so this means a lot

— mishima support club (@akihik0sanada) May 28, 2017

and I'm blessed to be able to fast ☺️☺️☺️

— xix (@wowiswan) May 29, 2017

Well this has made me all teary because I was so sad about not fasting and this is so nice

— ez (@makeupnmorphine) May 29, 2017

This speaks volumes #mentalillness #ramadan #ocd #anxiety ????????

— نيبرة (@naibara__) May 28, 2017

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