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You’re Not Alone, I Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed Either

by in Lifestyle on 7th March, 2017


This month is National Bed Month so in honour of this month, I understand the struggle of getting out of bed. There are some weeks that I have really struggled to get out of bed and just function. No matter how much sleep I have I feel exhausted. If this was a year ago I would have been worried and thought something is really wrong with me. But I’ve just accepted that every day, week, month or even year will not always be a good one. To appreciate the highs in life you gotta know what a low feels like, right?

Every now and then we need a recoup. You might be thinking that you’re the only one that ever feels like this but I’ll tell ya for free, you’re definitely not.

Here’s a couple of things to consider:

1. Fitness

In correlation to feeling like this, I had stopped working out. Yesterday I went to my first class in what felt like forever. Friday I went to taekwondo and while I usually can’t wait to go, I turned up and I just didn’t want to be there but it was better than not going at all. If you’re struggling to even get out the house to get to the gym or the class try some simple stretching at home. Nothing strenuous- just something to change it up. If you’re feeling up for going out, just go for a walk around your block, leave your phone at home.

2. Food

I’ve also been eating random crap and giving into cravings. I did a shop yesterday to ensure that I have healthy lunches at work, I wouldn’t call it a diet. Just trying to nourish my body better. Eating carbs late night will make you sluggish in the morning, decrease your sugar intake and up your fruit and veg. I’m a big believer that food directly affects your energy levels.


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3. Social media

The other night I was in bed and I was just aimlessly tapping through Instagram stories. I stopped and thought this can’t be good for me. Just watching people’s curated lives when I’m not feeling great must do something to my mind right? I logged out of Instagram and Twitter and they are the ones I spend the most time on and probably the least work-related. I also had this sense of “I feel like I’m not achieving anything and sitting there unproductively on social media isn’t helping.” We don’t need to hear about studies to hear know that social media can have adverse effects, we’ve all felt it.

4. Work

If you are in the position to take time off if you think you need it – ask your employer. Some days I just need to work from home to just focus and not have to worry about the extras like travelling, getting lunch or interacting with people. If your office is the sort of place that values face time this may be a bit harder and maybe something to speak to your employer or HR about.

5. Weekends/free time

As with all these suggestions they are very dependent on you and what you’re feeling. For some, it may help to get out and see people or do stuff. For others, it can be anxiety-inducing. What I would say is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Say no if you need to, sleep all weekend if you want to. For others, getting themselves into a routine helps. Do what you feel you need to do to recoup. Sometimes being around the right friends can help you and give you some downtime. One of the biggest things for me is allowing myself to just mope or whatever it is I need to do. Fill your free time with the things that give you joy or help you relax, even if that is a Netflix marathon.

6. Talk it out to Allah

And I mean REALLY talk. You’ll be surprised how open you can be when you really make the intention to spill your heart out to Allah. I remember listening to this Yasmin Mogahed talk about the power of dua, one of the things she said, to paraphrase, if we beg people in the world eventually people get turned off, no one likes a needy person. But with Allah, the more you ask, the more you talk to him, the closer you can become.

If you are in a rut of any sort I pray you find your way out soon. 

Nafisa Bakkar

Nafisa Bakkar

Co-founder and CEO at Amaliah Find me @nafisa_bakkar on IG and Twitter