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The Seven Things to Teach Your Sons

by in Relationships on 3rd July, 2018

Dear Mothers to Sons of the Next Generation,

We have such an important responsibility towards our sons and their future families…

Because every woman wants an ideal husband and every man wants to be that ideal husband.  To become those perfect husbands, we as mothers have the duty to nurture and raise them first to be those men. We get so caught up trying to raise perfect wives that we often forget we need to raise perfect husbands, as well.


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There are so many things we need to teach our sons, for example:

  • We need to teach them the responsibility of helping around the home, so that they can live in a clean environment and ensure that duty does not solely belong to the women.

  • We need to teach them to respect and understand women’s emotions, thoughts and needs. To take a moment and think when their wife, mother or sister is upset to simply just hold them, listen and show that they are there.

  • We need to teach them to maintain their temper and to not get hot-headed; this can lead to things being said which aren’t meant and we all know women are like elephants – we never forget.

  • We need to teach them that raising children is a dual-responsibility and a child needs the father figure around more than they think. It isn’t all about working from 7am to 7pm to earn money at the cost of missing their child growing up, especially for the first fourteen years of their lives.

  • We need to teach them to love their sisters so deeply that they are conscious of their behaviour towards other women. They would need to understand if a certain behaviour is not acceptable for their sister, why would it be acceptable for their wife? Is their wife not someone’s sister or daughter?

  • We need to teach them to appreciate women in general. They need to understand and appreciate that if it wasn’t for a woman, they would not be in this world. That in Islam the status of a woman is so high, that if a man makes a woman shed a single tear, he will be held responsible for every single drop. That Jannah is at the feet of his mother and his children’s Jannah will be at the feet of his wife’s. If Allah has bestowed such a high ranking to women, should men not be fearful towards Allah in their conduct towards a woman who is so high in status?

These are a few of the things we should be teaching and nurturing to our son’s as they grow up. We are the mothers for the next generation. It our duty to raise good men.

Love to all you mumma’s – we’re doing a good job because it really isn’t easy, is it?


P.S. If you could make chefs out of them as well, that would be great!

Nilüfa Dahlia

Nilüfa Dahlia

Nilly is a mother of two, a parenting blogger and a lifestyle vlogger. You can find her on Instagram and Youtube @NillyDahlia.