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Team Amaliah’s New Years Resolutions

by in Soul on 3rd January, 2018


A new year usually means reevaluation of the last 365 and  new beginnings. Whilst we believe you can make a positive change in your life whenever you want to, the new year does provide the perfect opportunity to do so. Team Amaliah have shared our resolutions for 2018.


  • I started going to the gym last year, finally! In sha Allah I stay on track and stay active, I’d really like to start spinning or yoga classes.
  • I’m awful at saving. This year I’m definitely going to set up a savings account and actually start saving money.
  • After graduating and entering the world of adulting, I need to manage my time and organise myself better. I want to be able to achieve things within a certain time and tick them off my to-do list.
  • I’ve finally started taking my photography more seriously. I want to continue with my Muslim Sisterhood project and connect with more sisters around London.


  • I want to really focus on attending halaqa’s and lectures this year, being a mother I often feel like I can’t attend lectures but I am making a promise to myself that I need to have the intention to attend a local halaqa at least twice a week and an Islamic lecture. I am hoping moving to West London and being near Al-Manaar Masjid will help In sha Allah.
  • I want to start a journal that reflects my learnings around motherhood, Alhamdulillah I have started and hope to continue.
  • Pray on time more In sha Allah


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  • I find a lot of my goals are work-related. One of my goals is to pick up coding again. I used to really enjoy it and dropped it after we hired a developer. But it’s something I am keen to revisit and pick up as a non-work related goal.
  • Fitness – my relationship with fitness is constantly up and down. I haven’t worked out consistently for a while. My goal is to be able to do something consistently – but to be totally honest I’m not sure what it will be.
  • Work takes up a lot of my time up and I find myself doing very little on my time off. I realise that just because I’m doing “nothing” or Netflixing – that doesn’t mean I’m refueling myself. 2018 I aim to spend my time better and do more interesting things!


  • Learn Japanese – I’ve wanted to learn Japanese since I was 16, but for some reason or another I kept putting it off, and then as I got older I felt like ‘it was too late. This year I want to change that thinking and give learning it my best shot.
  •  Start running again – I took up running with my dad last year, but we couldn’t keep it up due to both of us becoming too busy. I’d like for both us to get back in to it this year – Insha’Allah the dream is for us to run the London marathon together one day!
  •  Practise photography more – I always enjoyed taking pictures on my dad’s old camera, but I don’t have enough confidence in myself or my picture taking abilities. I want to learn more about my camera, and truly enjoy the experience of taking pictures.
  • Be more consistent – This year I really want to practise being consistent in everything I do. Be it prayer, reading the Qur’an, keeping in contact with my friends, writing; I want to make sure I follow through any actions I take, or any decisions I make, and fulfill them consistently.
Israa Abid

Israa Abid

Israa is a Creative writing and English literature graduate, and currently volunteers for a few charities. In between her routine of nerding out over Dungeons and Dragons, and obsessively eating strawberries, she spends her time writing as much as she can.