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Muslimah Dating Diaries: Dear Not Looking for Marriage Nasir

by in Relationships on 9th March, 2018

A special series on finding a bae, we hear from our resident dating Muslimah on the sorts of guys she comes across. Instagram Imran, Overly Honest Osman, Computer said no Cassim, Fibbing Faz  and Disappearing Dawood. This time we hear about Not Looking for Marriage Nasir, who has some questionable intentions.

Dear Not looking for marriage Nasir,

Thanks for telling me my photos appeal to you, I guess. Thing is, your photos of Personality don’t appeal to me.

This is a matrimonial site so I’m not interested in the fact that you have time to waste and don’t care if I don’t want to marry you and that we should hook up anyway. No Nikah no nookie.

Oh and stop inviting me over to your house at midnight. I won’t come. Ever.

From a Muslimah on a search for a husband not a hookup.


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