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Dear Boring Bashir – Muslimah Dating Diaries

by in Relationships on 28th December, 2017

The first in my open letters to the types of men I’ve come across…

Dear Boring Bashir,

There are only so many times I can exchange a salaam with you and tell you where I live (area, not exact location – that would be dangerous). Yes, I enjoy what I do. I’ve already told you what I do. The nature of my job and my address have not changed between 10 am and 12 pm. Thanks for telling me you’ve come home from work – again. You did that yesterday too. And the day before. I’m glad your train is efficient. Thanks for telling me what you had for lunch today – and sending me a photo of it. It’s nice to know you eat and have a phone.

Kind regards,

A very bored Muslimah


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Look out for the next letter in my series; Dear Misogynistic Mazhar.

Another dating Muslimah

Another dating Muslimah

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