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16 Times Nadiya Hussain Clapped Back to Trolls on Twitter

by in Identity on 27th March, 2018

We couldn’t let Muslim Women’s Day pass without crowning Nadiya Hussain, GBBO 2015 winner, as the queen of twitter clapbacks. If you aren’t following her on twitter, get on it. In between delicious brunch and dinner recipes, she’s responding to trolls, what’s not to love. When asked why she engages with them she said “Because if someone spoke to me or my family like that in person I would engage. It is no different here”.

From being told to go back home to telling her that her parenting is bad, she truly has heard it all. Here are just some of her thousands of clapbacks:

  1. When people tell her to go home

2. When someone said Do not feed a troll

3. When someone called her a bad parent because her daughter thought boys were yucky

4. When asked what the punishment for apostasy is

5. When someone said exposing children to a religion is a crime


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6. When a Muslim guy told her to just bake cakes and not talk about her faith

7. When the same Muslim guy said she had ditched her hijab

8. When someone said that they would never step foot in a mosque and wouldn’t let their kids either

9. Some of her clapbacks result in a deletion of the original tweet like this one

10. When someone asked her about her Britishness

11. And this one

12. On why she won’t “ignore it”

13. When someone said she doesn’t belong here because her home is where she “ethnically and religiously belongs”

14. When someone said the underlying doctrines of Islam is harmful

15. on what happens if someone takes her hijab off

16. When someone told her that her eyebrows were too blunt and wide and that she should get them professionally shaped

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