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O Ramadan Come Forth, the Hearts Are Ill: Ways to Prepare From Today

by in Soul on 30th March, 2018


Some of us are super excited for ramadan, some of us are anxious about maintaining work and studies during this month; some of us probably haven’t yet thought about it. Nonetheless, we are less than 50 days away insha’Allah! To me Ramadan is a rejuvenating and soul-recharging experience. Serenity, bliss, peace and devotion are some of the words that comes to mind. It is a retreat for every soul searching for divine nourishment, no matter how your year has been, what you’ve doe, you have the opportunity to leave Ramadan in your optimal spiritual state.

Ramadan feeling

I think most of us would agree that the ‘ramadan’ vibe is just something indescribable, it can only be felt. It is building and maintaining, the most beautiful connection we can have with our Creator, Allah swt. No matter what you’ve said or done during the past year, whether you declined in terms of spiritual or lifestyle focus. Ramadan is where you can regain that God-consciousness; the focus of who you are a person, and how maintaining a bond with Allah is the key to contentment in this life and the next. The sincerity in your intentions is recognised by Allah swt- its between you and them. Forget those who slander you or make sarcastic remarks, whether you’re wearing hijab or a thobe cos it’s Ramadan- you do that for you and no one else. You are rewarded for that in itself.

Ramadan is not just about withdrawing from food, drink, vain talk or poor habits. It is preserving that spiritual positivity and productivity, throughout all the months no matter what blessings or hardships Allah swt gives you.

This is your journey, it is unique and special to you. If last year, you did not keep all your fasts, you did not read much Qur’an or you felt that you could have done more. Do not worry. It is okay. Allah swt listens.

Whether you’re busy with work, studies or whether you’re a busy parent, you have another chance this year insha’Allah. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you, encourage children and people around you to do more. Humans naturally plan and set goals, so reflect on your short and long-term goals for the year; show gratitude to Allah, do istigfaar and trust Him in everything that occurs. After all, Islam is a way of life that teaches us to be self-aware & proactive; praying on time, preparing for various life events i.e. death, is a reminder that there is an order and structure to our lives.If you work in an environment where your employer is non-Muslim, let them know in advance that Ramadan is approaching, legally they can make adjustments for you. They should allow you to go & pray or have your iftaar when it is time. This is also an excellent opportunity for Da’wah, share your food with them, give them a gift of dates/fruits with a kind note of a Hadith. Teach others, that it is not “starving yourself all day” & turn the “woah! I couldn’t do that…” into inspiration and educating others. It is about self-discipline, reflection and appreciation for what we have. It is a physical and spiritual detox, that allows you to become the best version of yourself insha’Allah. Depending on what time it is where you are in the world, you can host a ‘work iftaar’- encourage your colleagues to fast just one day- even if they don’t complete it, it was a form of Da’wah. You may be surprised at what they may learn from you.


Reflections and anticipation of Ramadan

Its ok to be a Ramadan Muslim

Three must have Apps for Ramadan

For those who find sadness in their menstruation 

Ladies, don’t fret on the days you’re unable to fast. There are numerous ways to be productive whilst you are menstruating. Additionally, if you take regular medication or are unable to fast due to medical reasons, or pregnancy, remember Allah swt will reward you for all your efforts & intentions. Check out this post by the SeekersHub:


  • Reduce your activity or switch off from social media: I know this may be difficult for so many people. Whilst there are many beneficial Islamic pages/posts- remember this is your chance to focus on you. No one needs to know what you ate for iftaar, how many prayers you’re praying or what you’re doing. The beauty of fasting is that you can’t visibly ‘show it off’, its between you and Allah swt.
  • Get in to the habit of physically withdrawing from food, drink and other habits (i.e. smoking, spending too much time on your phone); transform that time into spiritual productivity, start praying at work, doing dhikr more frequently or fasting on the Sunnah days (i.e. Mondays/Thursdays) to prepare.
  • Make a Dua list: one the best things I did was creating a list of favourite supplications. Not
  • Charitable acts: whether its helping a family/friend with their shopping or fundraising for a cause, charitable acts during the Holy Month are multiplied.
  • Sleep with a clean heart & pure intentions; whatever ‘issues’ or concerns you had that day, aim to resolve them; if anyone said anything to hurt you, rise above it & move on.

Mini tips

  • Listen to Islamic podcasts on the go (I.e. walking/driving to walk)
  • Pace yourself- don’t jump into the deep end in one go
  • Read Quran (even if its just a page!) & reflect on its meanings
  • Thank someone, be it family, friend, a colleague.
  • Keep a bullet journal- it will help you continue you your spiritual state after ramadan

I pray we all reach Ramadan and complete Ramadan, and have the best spiritually fulfilling experience insha’Allah. Remember, you’ve got this. Prepare now. Prepare soon. Stay blessed. Below are some useful links on preparing for Ramadan:

Anisa Masood

Anisa Masood

Anisa is passionate about productivity and spiritual development. Anisa strives to promote productivity within ones’ lifestyle and spiritual goals. Her background is in mental health nursing and healthcare management. Her latest pursuit is within life & business coaching, and Islamic NLP. Instagram @with.anisa Twitter @withanisa