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24 Questions to Ask Your Potential Spouse About Finances and Money Management

by in Finance on 14th June, 2021

We already have our list of 53 questions to ask your potential spouse.

We thought it was time to get into the particulars, in this edition we’re talking finance and money management. Talking about money openly is often somewhat a taboo, you don’t know what your co-worker is earning or your friends and a lot of the conversations are hush hush in the name of social etiquette.

I however, think money talk should be one of the top things in the list of conversations and questions, if for nothing else, it is to ensure that you are on the same page should you enter into a relationship. Like are we going to be doing our weekly shop at Waitrose or Asda? How many holidays a year are we going to afford. What does the future look like? It is also important to understand the financial situation your partner was brought up in as it may impact how they view money management and responsibilities. Even if you are already in a relationship it may be worth having this chat.

So here’s our list of 24 questions to ask about financial management.

1. How did you feel about your family’s financial situation when you were growing up?

2. Are you where you want to be with your finances? Do you get financial support from your parents?

3. What are your thoughts on riba (interest), do you accumulate interest in your bank accounts? Would you get an interest-based mortgage?

4. Would you rather invest in a house, or invest in experiences, like traveling?

5. Does anyone depend on you financially? Do you support the family household and does that need to continue once you get married?

6. Do you have any financial regrets?

7. How much debt are you in? Where has the debt come from? Do you use credit cards – if so, for what?

8. Do your parents pay towards any of your bills?

9. What’s your guilty pleasure financially that you would never give up?

10. Are you saving for anything at the moment? What are your financial goals?

11. Do you have a rainy day fund?


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12. Do you track your spending?

13. Do you keep a budget?

14. What’s your biggest outgoing?

15. What did you learn from your childhood and family about money?

16. How much is enough for us to make per year to have our dream lifestyle?

17. How do you see me contributing financially to expenses and our household?

18. If you imagine our future with kids, do you expect one of us to stay home?”

19. How do you feel about one of us making all the money, or a lot more money than the other?

20. If you want kids, what sort of schooling do you envision? Public, private, homeschooled etc.

21. How much do you save a month? (at least as a percentage of earnings)

22. What happens when your parents retire or fall sick?

23. How do you envision our living arrangements?

24. My money is my money and your money is my money. Thoughts?

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