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Dark Under Eyes? Here’s My Top Concealers for Yellow Undertones

by in Beauty & Makeup on 29th January, 2019

I have super dark under eyes and I know everyone says this but honestly, the girls are bad. I used to colour correct but gave up after I saw them peeking in pics. So I’ have come to learn through trial and error that mixing concealers that are neutral-yellow undertoned works best to cover up my dark circles as well as give me that *bam I’m on 40k a year no stress bright under eye highlight*- a girl can dream, right?

Here are my 3 top concealers for yellow undertones

1. Laura Mercier flawless fusion concealer – shade 4N

This concealer is new to my stash but has been my go to. It’s a little thick(we don’t discriminate round these ends) but not like MAC thick is somewhere in between a foundation and concealer. However, I like that because it means you don’t have to use a lot. Consistency aside it super neutral which means I don’t need to mix it with my other concealers and it also brightens my under eyes at the same time. My only complaint is while Mrs. Laura killed the undertones it could do with a few more shades.

2. Maybelline fit me– shade 30

If you live in the UK then you know L’oreal and Maybelline are notorious for not stocking darker shades in store.I really wanna know why they feel the need to hold their darker shades hostage! but a couple of months ago I noticed the fit me range had 3-4 shades darker than I had not seen before(we praise god) and so I decided to pick it up, mostly though I use this to highlight since I’m in between and this shade was the most yellow out of the options available.

The fit me concealer is on the more wet/dewy/runny side which is why I like to pair it with my Laura Mercier the two together give me the most flawless under eye pre-powder. Also, the coverage is fantastic and buildable which is what I like with my concealers. And it’s under £10 which is great for my purse.

3.LA girl– Shade Fawn

OG alert if you don’t know about the LA girl pro concealers then you gotta leave. These concealers have been so good to me especially Fawn it’s a color I can use all year round its the perfect golden/warm tone that works well around my mouth. Also, I love how blend-able the concealers are they’re the perfect balance between matte and dewy concealers.
Glossier–  Shade dark( glossier seems to be color blind this color is so light Tomi Lahren could wear it).

  • It’s a very moist concealer which I love so much because a lot of concealers can be very drying under the eyes and with winter fast approaching I can’t afford to look like a ghoul.
  • It’s build-able a lot of base products will often claim they’re buildable but tend to fail and you’re left with caked under eyes. The stretch concealer is build-able in a way that you will get more coverage and little creasing/cake/dry under eyes.
  • I hate pot concealers usually but It’s a nice kinda round so that I don’t dig my whole finger into the pot.
  • easy to travel with ! honestly who has the time to be cleaning concealer stains out their luggage

I’ve already reviewed this here so no need to go in depth but I love this for all over the face. It’s a very moist concealer so I think if you have dry skin you’d love, it’s kinda like if a tinted moisturizer was made into a concealer with more coverage. Again like every other base product it could do with a few more shades which I know glossier is capable off!

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