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Episode 2 of Amaliah Nights in Has Just Dropped on the Amaliah Podcast

by in Podcast on 17th May, 2020

nightsinpodcastSalaam everyone!

Welcome to our brand new series on the Amaliah podcast!

Throughout 2020 Amaliah will be hosting  ‘Nights In’ events for our Amaliah community and beyond to come together for the ultimate night in away from home, where you can meet and connect with new people and ideas – and we’ve decided to document the whole thing on the podcast!

Thanks to our pop-up podcast studio, you can hear the Amaliah community record their musings with us and the world live, and stream it here at the Amaliah podcast.

We don’t know who goes in the booth and listen to the recordings post event like you, we’ve picked some snippets for a few podcasts!

We’ve just dropped a new episode on the Amaliah nights in playlist! Our mystery guests speak in the booth about moments they’ve doubted and found God, the ISOC cult, and everyone’s favourite subject – muslim marriage fantasies…

You can listen to our newest episode here, and if this is you – get in touch!  Be sure to catch our previous and future episodes by subscribing to the Amaliah podcast over on Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts…

Disclaimer * this episode was recorded in December of 2019, pre-pandemic #stayhome

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