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WFH Podcast; Covid-19, an Era of Progress or Regress?

by in Podcast on 4th September, 2020

wfhpodcast*Trigger Warning* Please note that this article contains sensitive material pertaining to the covid-19 crisis and child marriages.

This time last year, no-one anticipated that the next time ‘back 2 school’ starts, kids would be focusing more on what face masks to wear rather than their new set of stationary.

An unknown future is unfolding for all of us, and while many make the effort to adapt and move with the changes happening in every area of society, it’s also unveiled a host of issues that the covid-19 has impacted.

In this week’s episode of #workingfromhomepodcast, Nafisa reads from an article that makes an unsettling revelation about the surge in child marriages in regions of the world where the virus has overturned the economy.  Devastatingly, the progress made to stop child marriages has been set back approximately a decade.

As hoards of kids return to education amidst the covid-19 crisis, many parents and guardians experience conflicted feelings about returning their kids to school, a spotlight shines on the government’s efforts to save big business rather then effective ways of reintegrating people back into day to day life.

With all that’s being done to reveal how the virus has impacted everything from education, independent businesses and social impact activities, is there also an opportunity to press the reset button on systems that haven’t been working? That have left people disadvantaged?

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