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WFH Podcast; Living Through a Pandemic and an Era of Social Media, When Will We Know the Real World Again?

by in Podcast on 18th September, 2020


Do you know how deep the iceberg goes?…

We’re 6 months into a pandemic, people have been confined to their homes and only in recent months have we been encouraged to reintegrate into ‘real life’ – but has this been the case long before we were locked-down?

The world of social media has long been a contentious topic because of the impact it’s had on people’s lives across the world, and the ‘reality’ is that many people haven’t been living in the ‘real world’ for much longer than we’ve been forced to halt on our every day activities.

In this week’s episode of #workingfromhomepodcast, Selina, Nafisa and Sara talk about a new show premiering on Netflix called the ‘Social Dilemma’, which provides the mainstream public with what insiders have known to be true for years – that social media is changing us, and the iceberg of that change goes much deeper than we’ve previously known to be true…

The #workingfromhomepodcast has been published since the start of the lockdown here in the UK, and the ladies provide a bulletin for listeners to reflect on some time into the timeline of the pandemic, and discuss in detail their thoughts on the dilemma of social media and the stories they’ve heard about the lives that have been changed by covid-19.

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