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WFH Podcast; Why ‘Packaging’ a Message Is Just as Important as the Message Itself

by in Podcast on 25th September, 2020

wfhpodcastWe already know how important effective communication is. The messages, the products and services we put out into the world fall flat if they aren’t packaged properly.

We live in a time where we’re bombarded with old products and old philosophies being recycled, spruced up and packaged and delivered to us in new mediums – the thrill of our time is innovating new ways to do that.

Important messages and even moments of sentiment  can both be butchered in a tired delivery, and the accidental theme of this week’s episode of #workingfromhome touches on the way the messaging of ‘the social dilemma’ and even the UK’s covid operations delivered by Boris Johnson have fallen flat on minds exhausted already by their impact.

How can we achieve shock value without fear mongering?

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