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WFH Podcast; How to Live a Life of Ihsaan Post-Lockdown

by in Podcast on 21st August, 2020


It’s been some time since the lockdown restrictions here in the UK eased up, allowing some to cautiously re-emerge from their homes back into what people call ‘reality’.

It’s true, for some of us the lives we’ve been living at home have been very different from what it would otherwise look like without restrictions in place, but that doesn’t mean that the life we created before lockdown (or the one that was created for us) is the ‘correct version’, is the ‘reality’  that we have to return back to – especially if it’s now the case that we realise it didn’t serve us to begin with.

We’ve all heard about ‘living a life of excellence’,  whether it’s from the millionaire mindset camp or the Islamic ethos one. For many of us however, it’s just been too hard to press the reset button on all of those systems that work against us creating ‘Ihsaan’ in our lives. A good example is the way we eat. Some of us may have benefited from the restrictions on eating out, or the incentive to eat healthily as a way of preserving our health against the virus. Lockdown has been the wake-up call or block that we needed to elevate parts of our lives that were not creating the reality we wanted.

In this episode of #workingfromhomepodcast, Selina discusses why and where in her life she believes lockdown has forced her to evaluate Ihsaan in her life and what she is and is not letting back into it.

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