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WFH Podcast; Can’t Keep a Morning Routine? It Could Be Because of Your Infradian Rhythm

by in Podcast on 23rd July, 2020

How often have you head the term, ‘body clock’?

When you have, it is more than likely it’s referring to something called your circadian rhythm, which is the natural cycle your body operates as it navigates night and day, igniting your body into periods of rest and activity.

Your infradian rhythm however is a little different. It’s also a biological clock, but instead, it lasts a little longer than just night and day, and usually starts around the same time once a month…sounds familiar?

Your menstrual cycle is based on your infradian rhythm, and so if you experience menstruation, you’ll be operating on this biological clock, which is very different from the circadian one.

While you can experience bursts of rest, growth and creativity in one day on a circadian internal clock, infradian clocks experiences ‘seasons’, that is, days of rest, days of growth, days of creativity, etc.

So, if you’ve ever felt crushed by the struggle you may have to remain consistent with certain morning rituals, or even produce as effectively as you do at other times during the month, this may have something to do with it. Working with your infradian rhythm, is to work with your cycle.

If it’s never occurred to you before, don’t be hard on yourself. As with lots of things, the natural biological patterns some women experience have been hidden behind a patriarchal capitalist cycle of productivity and self- help morning person/morning ritual jargon that’s likely made it difficult for you to be more mindful of it!

In this week’s episode of #wfhpodcast, Nafisa and Sara return to a conversation about how your menstrual cycle can impact everything from your productivity to your imaan. We also cover taking your birthday happiness into your own hands as Nafisa embarks on a solo air b’n’b trip for hers, and we discuss our thoughts on the impending second wave of covid 19…

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