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Two Sense Podcast; Why Are Muslim Women Opting for Non-Muslim Relationships?

by in Podcast on 2nd August, 2020

twosensepodcastWhy are Muslim women opting for non-muslim relationships?

It’s too broad of a question to answer in a nutshell, but it’s definitely one that we can’t avoid as a community – and why? Well, as if finding a partner and companion to spend your life with on this Earth isn’t hard enough, for Muslims there’s a whole bunch of criteria that comes with it that can make the search that much more difficult.

Even Muslim women who aren’t opting for non-Muslim partners in their romantic relationships haven’t been shy to confess their concern over a pool of common inadequacies within the Muslim male bachelor community. In fact, we dedicated an entire episode to the highs and lows of finding love in the muslim community over on the Amaliah podcast. We interviewed 11 Muslims from a range of ages and backgrounds about their personal experiences navigating Muslim marriage, and something that came up with nearly all of the women we spoke to was this issue of feeling like they’d be better off for a variety of reasons, marrying someone who wasn’t Muslim…

Each month Selina, Nafisa and Sara discuss your questions or topics that you want to bring to the virtual roundtable over on the #twosensepodcast q+a edition, and this episode they got a question from Aeesha (@thatothernigeriangirl ), who said:

The prevalence of Muslim girls marrying out of the religion these days…I dunno if it’s the same abroad but in Nigeria, it’s fast becoming the norm, and understandably so (if i’m being honest), because a lot of Nigerian Muslim men leave nothing to hope for where their character and adab is concerned, and the non-Muslim guys will go all out for these ladies. Not justifying it of course. I’m bringing up the topic because it’s very alarming! And I myself have been subject to  wooing from many a non muslim man and only Allah’s Rahma has kept me firm on my Deen…

The issue is black and white in many ways, and grey in so many others… Tune in to this week’s episode by clicking the link at the end of this page to find out what perspectives Nafisa and Sara are offering to this difficult subject.

Also on the podcast, they’re discussing why working from home is the way forward, and what to do when you want to start a business when you’ve got strict parents.

You can listen to this episode using the link below, and catch all of our other series’ and Two Sense episodes over on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever else you get our podcasts.

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