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WFH Podcast; the Most Important Journey You’ll Ever Have to Take…

by in Podcast on 30th July, 2020


Do you know what your favourite colour is?

 Maybe you don’t have one, or maybe it changes all the time…but why would that be important anyway?

Not having an answer to that question in and of itself isn’t dire, but the broader question to which it pertains; What makes you, you? That’s one of the most important questions you’ll have to answer in your life, all of your life.

The ‘identity crisis’ is a concept that we’re all familiar with today, even if it’s not particularly relevant to you as an individual. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, who for the majority has always been confident in who you are, what you like or don’t like… Maybe you’ve always been content with not really having to articulate who you are, but instead can just be, live and grow in awareness. However, it’s nothing short of fact to say that a vast majority of people suffer from some kind of identity crisis at some point in their lives. For many, not knowing who you really are or what makes you tick, what you want or where you want to go is the root cause of so much needless suffering – anxiety, depression or a place on the spectrum of emotional or mental struggle.

It might be because there’s just so much out there that we feel we have to identify with, or it might be that we haven’t yet spent the precious time we’ve been given getting to know our own selves. Instead, we might be guilty of spending our time trying to unpack the quirks of those internet personalities we aspire to be like, or spending our time feeling worthless against that friend of a friend with the magnetic personality. The question of whether we value getting to know others over our own selves is an important one to confront.

In this week’s episode of #workingfromhomepodcast, Sara and Nafisa return to a conversation about what it’s like to enjoy your own company as we discuss the solo trip Nafisa took for her birthday, and why the most important solo trip you’ll ever take is the life-long one of getting to know who you really are…

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