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Two Sense Podcast; How to Think Like a White Man

by in Podcast on 2nd October, 2020

podcastSalaam everyone!

On this week’s episode of Two Sense on the Amaliah Podcast, Nafisa flags up Nels Abbey’s book ‘Think Like A White Man’ as a must read for her underrated this week. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to discrimination packaged in some digestible satire, this is the book for you.

We’ve outsourced a list of really important reminders for you on your journey to thinking like a white man for you this week. These are called, ‘The White Man Commandments’, we hope you enjoy!

1. Politics trumps performance
2. Compassion impedes progress
3. Winning justifies everything (and anything)
4. Victory is only complete upon the absolute humiliation or, preferably, humiliating death of an opponent[1]
5. Racism has immense strategic benefit
6. A fact is not a fact until a White Man or at least a white person says it is a fact . . . even when it is not a fact[2]
7. Activism is a societal ill but occasionally a useful tool
8. Sex is a treat, a threat, a weakness, a necessity and a bargaining chip
9. Cash rules – and everyone has a price
10. Power is the prize
11. A White Man must be respected, feared or at least, loved
12. The White Man is God (Elvis is King, the Beatles are the greatest, Eminem is., etc.)

…We know, we were both amused and heartbroken to hear some of these read out too.  You can find a full list of our overrateds and underrateds, as well as a link to all our references in the episode below!

This week in the overrated category:


  1. Big Branded Supermarkets (support local business and they support you too!)


  1. The ritualisation of coffee and the shocking research of it’s effects on women of a reproductive age. You can find the article Sara refers to about the history of coffee here!
  2. Big ideas as the big plan…

This week in the underrated category:


2 Books: Think Like A White Man and Towards Sacred Activism

And we’ve also got the link here about the interesting back-story about the government’s role in the production of fish fingers, a.k.a Fish Bricks, a.k.a Fish Sticks, a.k.a Aquatic HotDog

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