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Muslimah Dating Diaries Dear Abusive Ali

by in Relationships on 14th November, 2018


Last time we heard about overly honest Osman, this week we hear from our resident dating Muslimah about Abusive Ali

Dear Abusive Ali,

I don’t think you realise it, but every time I speak with you, I  find myself apologising often. It might be about spilling my drink, or saying the wrong thing, or even for ‘wearing an unflattering colour’, in your words. But I noticed I was a lot more carefree, and confident in my abilities before I met you. Looks like you need a nice large dose of self-awareness, some humble pie, and a smidgin of self-love, I reckon it could do you a world of good.

I can smell your insecurities all the way from here.Not cute.

Oh and I’m going to eat that last slice of the red velvet cake you told me not to eat.


A sick of it Muslimah


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