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Two Sense Podcast; Why You May Have Been Reading Books All Wrong

by in Podcast on 19th July, 2020


If you’ve ever felt under the pressure of trawling through 100 books a year in order to feel like you have some measure of intellect – you’re definitely not the only one.

This was true for some even before the advent of online content, but it’s perhaps even more true now for those who watch as their friends/colleagues/online muses, juggle hard copies as well as laptops and still can’t keep up with reading even one book a year.

But what if I told you that the way you’ve been reading may be what’s been holding you back?

In this week’s episode of #twosensepodcast, Sara offers up that our general approach to reading is overrated, everything from the number of books we read to how we’ve been reading them. It’s all thanks to Max Joseph and his 30 min vlogumentary on bookstores. He just about covers everything from in the world of reading, but Sara’s biggest takeaway is that we may have been taught to read incorrectly all our lives, and a few adjustments could change your relationship with it forever. If you needed a sign that it’s not you, this is it!

That’s not all the ladies are covering this episode.

Nafisa discusses what unpaid labour looks like for female founders off the back of an amazing article by Sharmadean Reid, as well as the spectrum of the patriarchy and why the men we out in the court of social media can be connected to the men in our homes.

And Selina’s discussion about making more ethical consumer choices leads to discovering the sinister reality of valentines day roses and the legacy one man has built his entire life in the city of London…

You can listen to this episode using the link below, and catch all of our other series’ and Two Sense episodes over on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever else you get our podcasts…

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