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Sara Khan Appointed Lead Commission for Countering Extremism, and There’s Mixed Reviews

by in World on 25th January, 2018


British human rights activist Sara Khan has been met with both praise and criticism today after being appointed to lead the commission for countering extremism.

Having been described as “expertly qualified” by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Ms.Khan is expected to take up the position next month as part of a new initiative tackling extremism announced by Theresa May following the tragic terror attacks in Manchester Arena last year.

Self-described award winning counter-extremism and women’s rights campaigner, Khan, responded to the appointment saying, “I will create a Commission that is forthright in challenging extremism in the name of our shared values, fundamental freedoms and human rights”.


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Khan co-founded Inspire in 2008, a women’s rights initiative aiming to tackle issues of gender equality and Islamist extremism. Many have praised her for the appointment and call on her prior experience with the Home Office’s Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Working Group following the 7/7 bombings in London, as well as the Department for Education’s Due Diligence and Counter-Extremism Expert Reference group.

However, the news of her appointment hasn’t been welcomed by everyone. Members of the public and government officials alike have criticised Khan for taking on the role, citing her lack of experience and defense of May’s controversial Prevent bill. 

Khan’s Highlights

  • 2005 Home Office’s Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Working Group.
  • 2005 Department for Education’s Due Diligence and Counter-Extremism Expert Reference group.
  • 2005 Provides evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee’s enquiry on countering extremism.
  • 2008 Founds women’s rights group Inspire.
  • 2009 Khan is listed in the Equality and Human Rights Commission Muslim Women’s Power List.
  • 2016 Releases her book: ‘The Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism’.

Sara Khan will take up the role next month for a period of three years. What are your thoughts? Join the discussion…

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