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A List of Over 100 UK Mosques Open for Taraweeh This Ramadan for Muslim Women

by in Ramadan on 26th April, 2021

This list has been compiled by My Mosque Story who encourage you to visit the website of the mosque or give them a call prior to attending because some have booking systems in place or specific timings and guidelines on children under 12. If we’re missing a mosque, reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter @mymosquestory so we can help more women to take part in Taraweeh prayers this Ramadan.

This list was last updated at 23:24 on the 2nd of May 2021. 

With Ramadan right around the corner, My Mosque Story has been approached by a range of Muslim women who have found that whilst their local mosques are open, they are closed to women for Taraweeh prayers.

In order to help Muslim women find a space to take part in Taraweeh prayers at the mosque, we’ve asked our community to tell us if their local mosque is open for women this Ramadan.

With over 1500 mosques in the UK, below is a list of mosques across the UK that are open for Muslim women, the list has been collated through the community sharing information with us. We would encourage you to visit the website of the mosque or give them a call prior to attending because some have booking systems in place as they are required to open in line with the Government’s Covid-secure guidance which means space will be reduced due to the social distancing guidelines. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped to provide this information. May Allah accept our worship, allow us to get closer to Him this Ramadan and make us of the just. Ameen


  • Rumi Mosque, Edmonton

  • Finsbury Park Mosque
  • Muslim Welfare House, Finsbury Park
  • Cann Hall Masjid
  • Palmers Green Mosque
  • Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre
  • Battersea Islamic Culture & Education Centre
  • Kingston Muslim Association 
  • East London Mosque, East London
  • Harrow Mosque, Harrow
  • Muslim Association of Nigeria, Old Kent Road
  • Muslim Cultural Welfare Association Sutton
  • Regents Park Mosque
  • Masjid Ibrahim, Newham
  • Masjid Yousuf, Newham
  • Masjid Ayesha, Tottenham
  • Quba Mosque, Hayes
  • Masjid Imam An-Nawawi, Hackney
  • Al-Manaar, West London
  • West Ealing Mosque
  • Masjid An- Noor, Acton
  • Suleymaniye Mosque, Hackney
  • Aziziye Mosque, Hackney
  • Masjid Ramdan, Hackney
  • North Finchley Mosque
  • Hounslow Muslim Centre
  • West London Islamic Centre
  • East London Mosque
  • West London Islamic Cultural Centre Mosque
  • Lewisham Islamic Centre
  • Al Madina Mosque, Barking
  • Green Street Mosque
  • Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre
  • Al Muzzammil Mosque, Tooting (only second Taraweeh)
  • Masjid Leyton, Tawhid
  • Al Huda Welfare Foundation, Romford

Any/all worshippers are STRONGLY advised to read the Covid guidelines for each mosque before attending, listed in table at the bottom of: (essential: masks, mats & wudhu)

— (@HackneyJamah) April 10, 2021

South East England

  • Eastbourne Mosque
  • Shah Jahan Mosque, Woking
  • Slough Islamic Trust
  • Southampton Medina Mosque
  • Jubilee Road Mosque, High Wycombe
  • Townfield Totteridge Road Mosque, High Wycombe
  • WISE, High Wycombe
  • Al-Emaan Centre, Kent

East of England:

  • Cambridge Central Mosque
  • UKIM Masjid Khadijah Islamic Centre, Peterborough
  • Southend UKIM Mosque
  • Faizan e Madinah Peterborough
  • Norwich Central Mosque
  • Ihsan Mosque & Islamic Centre, Norwich

South West England:

  • Exeter Islamic Centre
  • Shah Jalal Jame Mosque, Bristol

Midlands/ East Midlands:

  • Aisha Mosque, Walsall
  • Al Furqan Centre, Leicester
  • City Retreat, Leicester
  • Masjid Muadh Ibn Jabal, Leicester
  • Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham
  • Green Lane Mosque, Birmingham
  • Birmingham Central Mosque, Birmingham
  • Masjid Al-Falaah, Kokni Muslim Association, Birmingham
  • Al Rahma City Mosque, Wolverhampton
  • Kettering Muslim Association
  • Muslim Student House, Balsall Heath
  • The Salafi Masjid, Birmingham
  • The Wisdom Cultural Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  • Zia Ul Quran Mosque, Birmingham
  • Al-Suffa Institute, Birmingham
  • Great Barr Muslim Foundation, Birmingham
  • Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton, Nottingham

Ladies are welcome to attend Taraweeh, Jumma and other Prayers during Ramadan. Ladies room is all freshly painted

Posted by Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton – Nottingham on Sunday, 11 April 2021

Yorkshire & The Humber:

  • Leeds Grand Mosque
  • Leeds Makkah Masjid
  • Al Huda Masjid in Bradford
  • Muslim Welfare House, Sheffield
  • YMA Sheffield,
  • Doha Mosque, Bradford

North East:

  • Central Masjid Middlesbrough

North West:

  • Abdullah Quilliam Mosque, Liverpool
  • Makki Mosque, Manchester
  • The Eccles and Salford Islamic Society
  • European Islamic Centre, Oldham
  • The British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester
  • Khizra Mosque, Manchester
  • Al Furqan Mosque, Manchester
  • Didsbury Central Mosque, Manchester
  • Manchester Central Mosque, Victoria Park


  • Edinburgh Central Mosque
  • Dunfermline Mosque
  • MENA Centre, Glasgow
  • Andalus, Glasgow
  • Kirkcaldy Mosque, Kirkcaldy
  • Al Hikmah, Aberdeen
  • MAB Scotland,
  • Glasgow Central Mosque
  • Renton Centre, Glasgow
  • Zia Ul Quran, Glasgow
  • Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre


  • Carmarthen Mosque, West Wales Islamic Cultural Association
  • Dar Ul Isra, Cardiff
  • Al Manar Centre, Cardiff
  • Madni Mosque, Cardiff
  • Medina Mosque, Cardiff

Northern Ireland:

  • Belfast Islamic Centre in Northern Ireland

The above is by no means an exhaustive list and if we’re missing a mosque, reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter @mymosquestory so we can help more women to take part in Taraweeh prayers this Ramadan.

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