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30 Days, 30 Short Amaliah Reads to Fill Pockets of Your Time This Ramadan

by in Ramadan on 24th April, 2020

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The most beloved deeds to Allah are those done regularly even if it is little”

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We’ve got a whole load of reads ready for you this Ramadan and we have our favourites from the last few years too. We know that Ramadan is meeting us all in different states and that’s ok, we all have different focuses and areas we want to develop so we’ve got reads to cover this all in our Ramadan section. One thing that really does make a difference for me each year is to make sure that I am using my pockets of time well and that I also maintain my motivation till the end, one way that has worked is taking in good reminders through videos, online halaqas and soulful reminders every day. We’ve shortlisted 30 reads for you to read each day. Share with a friend who may be struggling this Ramadan, you never which words of wisdom can encourage and lighten up someone’s day.

  1. Dear Ramadan, My Friend
  2. 9 Point Guide to Getting Through a Lockdown Ramadan 
  3. Struggling to Connect With the Quran?
  4. Thinking About Death Inevitably Changes How We Think About Life
  5. Remembering Our Loved Ones This Ramadan: Duas for the Deceased
  6. Stewards of the Earth: A Green Ramadan
  7. We Can Amplify Our Duas by Learning Allah’s Names
  8. Reaping the Fruits of Ramadan Whilst Mensturating
  9. Tiny Acts of Ibadah to Do From Your Kitchen Top
  10. The Etiquettes of Making Dua: How to Get Your Prayers Answered
  11. Spiritual Reflections From Self-Isolation –  in Being Alone We Realise How We Are Never Really Alone at All
  12. Verses in the Quran That Show Me “Fa Inni Qareeb”, Allah Is Near…
  13. Intending to Bloom: “Every Flower Is a Soul Blossoming in Nature”
  14. 9 Points on Patience by Ibn Al– Qayyim
  15. How I Went From Only Praying Fajr to Praying Five Times a Day
  16. Understanding the Meaning of Salaam; Quranic Greetings to the Inhabitants of Jannah
  17. Mindful Eating Begins Before We Sit at the Dinner Table
  18. 5 Ways Journaling Helped My Emotional & Mental Health 
  19. On Losing a Dear Friend Suddenly…reflections on Loss and Life
  20. Allah’s 99 Names: Al-Raqeeb He Who Observes All
  21. 13 Ways to Be Forgiven
  22. Balance – The Forgotten Sunnah Needed in a Fast-Paced World
  23. Beekeeping: Understanding the God Given Role of Being a Guardian of the Earth
  24. How Symbolic Is the Colour Green in Islam? The Science of Light and Colour
  25. Overcoming My Trials and Tribulations for Salaah
  26. “Let the Qur’an Be Springtime of My Heart”: How I Try to Do This Explained
  27. Self Discovery: An Islamic Perspective for 2020
  28. Allah’s 99 Names: A look at 7 names
  29. Ramadan Reminder: Loving Yourself Is Loving Allah, Why Self Care Is Ibadah
  30. Healing Through Prayer and Patience

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